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Rescuing Lost Pilots August 28, 2007

Posted by jmoran21 in Humor, TV, YouTube.

Locating a bootleg VHS copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special after years of scouring tag sales remains to this day a delicious triumph of my youth. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, I have mixed emotions about how easy the internet makes rediscovering lost media that was better left forgotten. I do believe, however, that never-aired TV pilots deserve to be dragged out into the light, hissing like a wet cat. YouTube is the de facto home of many of these relics, copyrights or no. Found via 4cr, behold Heat Vision and Jack, staring Jack Black and Owen Wilson.

Where do these things come from? Are they sitting in some supply closet on some sort of ancient nineties storage device, just waiting for the loose cannon intern with enough free time on their hands to come along and recklessly release it to the hungry web masses? Or is it from someone creatively involved in the series who just wants the satisfaction of somebody seeing the fruits of their labor? I’m sure whoever is originally responsible for posting videos like these, and whatever their intentions, they must be making somebody mad. Who owns the copyright for failed TV pilots? Is it the network that commissioned them (if that is indeed how this process works?) or is it the studio that filmed it? While I have a hard time believing that these “one man’s trash” type films have been given freely to the masses, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be. Aquaman isn’t doing anyone any good just sitting in TV limbo, why shouldn’t I watch the amusingly campy pilot for free?



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