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New Games November 17, 2007

Posted by jmoran21 in Games.

Portal: Just finished up after 3 short sessions, but I have absolutely no complaints. It was easily the most enjoyable game I’ve played in years. Perfect blend of crisp gameplay, glossy style, and laugh out loud humor. It delivers the tight, high quality platforming experience you’d expect from a Mario game from a hitherto unrealized perspective for the genre. Of course, the ending credits were just as good as any cake. Warren-gray.com has the .mp3, but it’s most satisfying only after beating the game.

Bioshock: The spiritual successor to System Shock 2 had large shoes to fill. When I first heard the rumbling on Evil Avatar about a possible System Shock sequel, I may have gotten out of my chair to do a victory dance. While not quite what I envisioned at the time, Bioshock is a superlative shooter with a thoroughly enjoyable progression of weapons and powers, challenging A.I., and just oozing with style. Every game that has ever been lauded for its water effects in the past must hereby be stricken of its liquids. The world is so nuanced, so complete, I almost wish I was stranded in Rapture myself. While the “System” may be gone, the influence is felt throughout, from the omnipresent narrator and villain constantly inundating you with advice and taunts, to the “ghosts” and audio tapes the reveal the final moments of the citizens of Rapture. I have only gotten about half-way through, but I’m looking forward the the twist I have been so diligently avoiding in blog posts for the last few months.

Beautiful Katamari: More of the same, but that’s not a bad thing. I love rolling things up into a ball, it’s just who I am. I cannot fault a tiger who refuses to change it’s stripes when the stripes are the bloody Mona Lisa (ok, maybe just the Cambell’s Soup Can.) I heard that the DLC sucks, just another 300kb download to unlock content already present on the disc. Seriously, Microsoft, this is the saddest thing to happen to gaming since Black Isle shut down. Fix it.

More this week on Assassin’s Creed, Halo 3, and Half-Life Episode I & II.



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