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Pong December 11, 2007

Posted by jmoran21 in Games.

Pong’s borders and boundaries utilize the edges of the screen. These are the necessary boundaries for the game due to the technical limitations at the time of its conception, but also as a gameplay element that makes it easy for new players to understand these boundaries. The rules are obvious, score points by bouncing the “ball” past your opponent’s paddle using timing and trajectory. The rules are fixed and constant; there is no point in which you must avoid the ball, for instance. The logic of Pong is geometrical, and almost anyone could grasp this after watching the game for a round or two. Pong’s emergence is evident in every game you play: no matter how many times two players play it is entirely unlikely they will play the same game twice. This is because the number of possible trajectories the ball can take, multiplied by the number of times the ball is bounced in the game is astronomical. The cultural impact of Pong is apparent in the number of people who identify with their paddle as a game character.



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