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My latest intfic… December 18, 2007

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intficFor the final project for New Media, I decided to go back to an earlier idea I had before “The Wretched Hive” that concerned itself with death. I thought about how many text games ended with player death, but none that I know of began there. So this was my concept when I began “You Have Died.” I wanted to evoke images of Planescape: Torment, another game that took an unusual approach to death. In YHD, you begin as an ethereal spirit, ascend “into the light,” and then enter a library filled with a cast of oddball characters. Conversation is the main play mechanic, with “x (name)” and “ask (name) about (topic in bold)” being pretty much all you need to complete the game. There are six different endings, depending on what books you read and which you found intriguing enough to ask about. I tested it pretty thoroughly, so I don’t think there’s any game-stopping glitches, but the walk-through is available after the jump.

New Media Principles:

Digital: Check. Modularity: All you need is a program to play it .zblorb files and it will work on any machine. Automation: Well, the game automatically plays with you, but it doesn’t allow for user creation of content, although that’s exactly what Inform is for. Variability: Check. I coded 6 endings, from simple epilogues to a chase/fight scene. You can progress through the Library any way you choose, out of the four compass directions. Transcoding: The game transcodes the act of reading a book into a digital experience, minus paper cuts.

Walkthrough for “You Have Died.”



x presence

x vee

ask vee about library


x monkey

take life lessons

x life lessons



x wizard

ask wizard about deathwish



x girl

x album

ask girl about love

x love



x prince

x lies

ask prince about lies

ask prince about truth

x lies

x truth



For simple endings:

ask vee about (knowledge, memories, excitement, truth)



ask vee about happy endings

take dagger (or don’t)


attack mad prince



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